Human Annotations of Satellite Imagery and Remote Sensing Data

Outsource time consuming manual image annotation to our specialist teams of satellite image analysts. Our annotation workflows combine talented image annotators with security, agriculture and commercial domain experts to create the highest quality satellite datasets.

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Satellite Image Annotations

Whether its counting ships at sea, or measuring soybean harvests in Brazil to identifying enemy aircraft on aprons  it's crucial to select the right annotation at the right time in your project.

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Use Cases

Disaster Management

When disaster strikes satellite imagery is often available within hours. Human annotations of this time critical data provides the most accurate analysis and measurements when the stakes are highest. Integrate human intelligence into your critical workflows today.

Financial Services

Economic activity can be assessed by the number and types of ships and containers in ports, or cars in car parks or crops in fields. When big money is at stake you have to have a human-in-the loop workflow for satellite image analysis.

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