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Image Annotations Services

We can provide any annotation service you imagine - from simpler methods at a lower cost to advanced expensive methods with high accuracy. Combine our experience with your needs to achieve the best possible results.

Bounding Boxes

Accurate and Correct Annotations. Guaranteed!

Our in-house professionals, using our image annotation tools with built-in machine learning and multiple layers of quality control, create the tightest and most accurately bounding boxes for computer vision and deep learning applications.

Instance Segmentation

Accurate and Correct Annotations. Guaranteed!

Each pixel in an image is mapped into specific classes; for example 'cars' and 'pedestrians' in autonomous driving data.

Semantic Segmentation

Accurate and Correct Annotations. Guaranteed!

Every pixel in an image is mapped to specific classes. Regularly used in drone and autonomous driving technology.

Video Annotation

Accurate and Correct Annotations. Guaranteed!

Each frame or key-frames annotated with or without object tracking.

Use Cases

Retail Planogram Compliance

Shelf scanning robots and mobile devices use computer vision to analyze and audit retail displays. Our image annotations train them to detect labels, products, shelves, stacks, and sections, as well as marking out of stock or misplaced items.

Shopper Tracking

Count and analyze the behavior of shoppers. Human annotated videos track each individual across multiple cameras and angles and each behavior or action they make. These annotations teach AI how to recognize each action shoppers make.

Access Products' Prices

Sometimes a product can be found in a random place in the store, and your customers might be interested in buying it - if they only knew the price. Make it easier by showing prices to customers when they scan it with mobile phones. You can increase your revenue just like that!