Image Annotation Services for Retail

We have created millions of annotations on images and panoramas from the world's largest supermarkets. Our workflows, tools and annotators are highly developed for high quality, low cost retail annotations. Join our platform to manage your retail annotations projects today.

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Image Annotations for Retail, Supermarkets
and Grocery Stores

Retail applications are well suited to Bounding Box annotations which are cheap, additionally there are usually many bounding boxes per image which also lowers the price, The crucial aspect is accurate labelling, according to a sensible taxonomy, of the annotations.

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Use Cases

Retail Planogram Compliance

Shelf scanning robots and mobile devices use computer vision to analyze and audit retail displays. Our image annotations train them to detect labels, products, shelves, stacks, and sections, as well as marking out of stock or misplaced items.

Shopper Tracking

Count and analyze the behavior of shoppers. Human annotated videos track each individual across multiple cameras and angles and each behavior or action they make. These annotations teach AI how to recognize each action shoppers make.

Cashierless Checkout

Automatically recognizing each interaction a shopper makes with a product requires detailed hand and body annotations to train algorithms. This data must be of the highest quality, which requires efficient workflows of expert human annotators.

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Manage and monitor, in real time, all your retail annotation projects in one pace. Upload your data, manage your projects, and monitor the progress and quality of each annotation.