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Use cases of logo datasets

In Store Logo Recognition

Our logo datasets are perfect for retail tasks like managing inventory and price checking. 

  • Recognize logos on store shelves to streamline inventory management processes. 

  • Create AI programs to automate inventory tracking based on the logos of thousands of different brands.

  • Track distribution of products on shelves, check for shelf gaps, help customers find items, and more.

Brand Counterfeit Detection

Our logo datasets can be used to identify the unauthorized use of logos, or even extremely similar logos. You can speed up the detection of counterfeit goods using computer vision systems trained on our annotated datasets.

  • Protect the integrity of important brands by automatically detecting counterfeit objects.

  • Look for similar logos to target brands and flag possible counterfeits for investigation, greatly reducing the amount of time humans need to spend monitoring the web for counterfeits. 

Video Logo Monitoring

We don’t just handle annotation for images, we can also monitor logos in video. Our video logo monitoring will help you quantify and qualify the appearances of logos in your videos.

  • Tag logos in videos and handle the appearance of specified logos and brands.

  •  If unauthorized logos have accidentally appeared in promotional material, they can be removed.

  • Get quick measurements of the logos/brands appearing in your video.

Sports Sponsorship Monitoring

Find brand logos in sports promotional materials like images, video, and GIFS. Make logo recognition in sports easy and quick with our annotated datasets.

  • Stay up to date on the many sponsorships in sports by automatically logging sponsor logos.

  • Easily track the many different logos found on cars, in sports arenas, on sports equipment, and more. 

  • Get quick counts of the brands appearing in sports material.

Logo Bounding Boxes and Logo Masks

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Pixel Perfect Logo Masks

Here you can see an examples of logo masks created with our annotation software. We can create price logo masks for you, just as we did here. If you would like to create or improve a deep learning model, our services are available to you, just contact us.

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