Annotating Images for Litter Recognition Apps

Automatically recognize litter by manually annotating your images and training machine learning models with them. We are experts at classifying litter into visually distinct categories so that you can correctly identify the type, material and brand of any litter object you are dealing with.

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Litter Image Annotations

Different litter recognition use cases require different kinds of litter annotations. Mobile apps that recognize one piece of litter at a time do not require the same complexity of annotations as a high speed automated litter sorter. Talk to an expert today to determine which annotation type suits your use case.

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Use Cases

Face Recognition

Computer vision can be used to identify faces in images or videos. Systems compare faces from images in their database to find out to which extent they are matching to the unfamiliar ones. This can be used on social media platforms or in surveillance.

Determine who is responsible

Hold brands accountable for their products ending up as litter. Our logo and brand image annotation services covers tens of thousands of the most litter producing brands.

Automatically Sort Waste

Complex litter images such as those at recycling plants are annotated with polygons or masks to determine the litter and waste material types so that they can be automatically sorted for recycling.

Our Platform

Mange your litter annotation projects and work with us to build a taxonomy and model that will get you results. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between one piece of litter and another so an annotation strategy is essential. Talk to an expert today.