Fruits Dataset

If something is very common, but luxurious at the same time, that’s fruits. Some species are able to be found all around the world, and some of them only in specific countries or regions. We were able to collect almost any fruit you could imagine, thanks to users of our mobile app. Are you interested in buying apples, cashew, or figs? We have everything, only that our units are not pounds but images.

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Our Fruits dataset contains more than 20k real-life images of fruits, with almost 36k annotations (bounding boxes), and 58 classes. Some of the fruits we have collected are: apples, apricots, avocados, blackberries, dragon fruits, cherries, coconuts and pomegranates. An Image Classification model is developed with 5745 images and 24 classes, and its precision is 97,5%. All images were collected through our mobile application that is available both on Android and iOS and as such are property of General Blockchain, Inc. All annotations were created by our own fully employed in-house team. Each bounding cropped image was checked at least twice during the quality assurance process by different people.