Fashion Datasets

Fashion is always in, right? The same goes for fashion in datasets. Because of many use cases of computer vision in the fashion industry, we started creating various concepts of fashion datasets and came up with two big ones - Fashion Worn and Fashion Laid Out. These datasets contain a large collection of images of clothing items, shoes, and accessories. Because of the enormous amount of data we have, we can always adapt it to your needs and produce a custom dataset just for you.

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Fashion Worn

Fashion Laid Out

Fashion Worn

Fashion Worn dataset contains images of fashion items worn by people or mannequins. Our initial dataset has more than 40k annotations (bounding boxes) with 16 classes, 119 subclasses, and a lot of attributes that closely describe the state of a fashion piece. A smaller dataset contains 3789 cropped bounding boxes with 24 classes. All images were collected through our mobile application that is available both on Android and iOS and as such are property of General Blockchain, Inc. All annotations were created by our own fully employed in-house team. Each bounding cropped image was checked at least twice during the quality assurance process by different people.