Type: Suit
Color: Brown
Fit: Regular
Material: Cotton

Fashion Image Annotation Services for eCommerce Apps

We manually annotate fashion items in images in order to train apps to recognize clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Our team has deep fashion expertise and can label images with complex taxonomies with thousands of classes and attributes.

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Fashion Image Annotations

Talented and experienced data annotators make extremely accurate annotations of your fashion items such as bounding boxes, polygons, masks and key-points. Fashion domain experts then ensure that each annotation is correctly labeled and categorized so that algorithms can learn to recognize these items.

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Use Cases

Shop the Look

Your app users snap a picture of some clothing item, either on a real person, a mannequin or a magazine and a machine learning model, trained with fashion image annotations, can detect and recognize any fashion items in those photos. Then link to an eCommerce store to shop that look!

Fashion Catalog Updating

When you need absolutely no mistakes in your catalog you can't rely on clothing recognition models alone. Only a workflow including trained fashion domain experts can give you the accuracy you need to maintain your clothing catalogs.

Our Platform

Scale your fashion annotation projects while maintaining the highest quality with our fashion annotation management platform, tools and annotators, or bring your own annotators and self manage your projects.