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Image Annotations Services

We can provide any annotation service you imagine - from simpler methods at a lower cost to advanced expensive methods with high accuracy. Combine our experience with your needs to achieve the best possible results.

Bounding Boxes

Accurate and Correct Annotations. Guaranteed!

Our in-house professionals, using our image annotation tools with built-in machine learning and multiple layers of quality control, create the tightest and most accurately bounding boxes for computer vision and deep learning applications.

Instance Segmentation

Accurate and Correct Annotations. Guaranteed!

Each pixel in an image is mapped into specific classes; for example 'cars' and 'pedestrians' in autonomous driving data.

Semantic Segmentation

Accurate and Correct Annotations. Guaranteed!

Every pixel in an image is mapped to specific classes. Regularly used in drone and autonomous driving technology.

Video Annotation

Accurate and Correct Annotations. Guaranteed!

Each frame or key-frames annotated with or without object tracking.

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Use Cases

Monitor the Environment

Litter is found everywhere; on land, on the beach, in the sea and on the sea bed. The volume, type, material and brand responsible for this litter can be measured and tracked over time using machine learning models trained by our services.

Determine who is responsible

Hold brands accountable for their products ending up as litter. Our logo and brand image annotation services covers tens of thousands of the most litter producing brands.

Automatically Sort Waste

Complex litter images such as those at recycling plants are annotated with polygons or masks to determine the litter and waste material types so that they can be automatically sorted for recycling.