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Image annotation for sports activities and e-sports enables the use of powerful analytical techniques and tools.

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Use Cases


Our professional, scalable team of
horticulists annotate plants, pests, disease and animals in your images.


Our professionally trained annotators will annotate images of shelves, products, brands and prices for you.


Trained fashion experts, managers and designers use our platform to annotate clothes in images and videos for their AI fashion applications


Easily manage any SpaceTech media you need yourself, or let our team of professionals handle the job to ensure perfectly accurate annotations of your images and video.

Dedicated CSM

A dedicated CSM will be with you every step of the way to provide support, annotator training, interface customisations and more.

Affordable Pricing

We strive to provide the most value in the image annotation industry. We provide simple and fair pricing with no exorbitant initiation fees.

Meeting your Requirements

Custom dataset visualisation tools and communication tools ensures requirements are fully understood before and during your projects

Scaling Annotations

Since 2015 we have been recruiting and training image annotators, our investments in training, coaching and tooling makes our project scaling predictable.

Quality Control

Annotations are checked by QA at the tag level, then at the dataset level and optionally by using a model trained on your data.

Dataset Platform

Access your projects, data and annotations in real time as they are being created. Feedback tools ensure everything stays on track.

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