Image Annotation Services for Agriculture Applications

Domain experts such as plant pathologists, entomologists and horticulturalists annotate images collected from agricultural robots and aerial imagery. We manually label plants, pests, disease and animals in your images and videos to train algorithms to recognize them automatically.

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Agriculture Image Annotations

Due to the complex nature of agricultural images we recommend using pixel-perfect instance and semantically segmented masks, this type of annotation is perfectly suited to natural objects which often overlap and occlude each other.

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Use Cases

Robot Fruit Pickers

No one wants to pick fruit for a living, the only alternative is robots. Robotic fruit pickers need to be trained to detect and recognize their fruits and know when to pick them. To train a robot you need to collect real data, annotate that data and then train models with that data.


Automatically assess a forest's value by counting and analyzing every tree. Images can come from mobile phones, drones and even satellites.

Combine trained machine learning models with forestry experts to achieve the most accurate valuations possible.

Our Platform

Designed for your large scale annotation needs while maintaining the highest quality of pixel-perfect segmentations. Manage your projects and outsource the time consuming agriculture annotations to our experts, then monitor the real-time progress as their tasks are completed.